How to save money on food in Germany

The cost of living in Germany is relatively higher than in most European countries. However, this depends on your city; Munich has a higher living cost than Berlin, Germany’s capital city. Saving in these cities is essential even if the standard of living is high. Saving allows one to have security about the future on matters finances. Saving allows you to try new things and take risks. During an emergency, one has a fallback plan to shelter them. Food is key to every household to enable us to live,  prevent diseases, and having food on a rooftop budget can cause many families to starve, leading to unproductivity and low quality of life. To find online supermarkets to shop from, visit The following are tips to allow to save on food in Germany;

1. Go to discount superstores

Discount superstores are retail stores that sell goods and services at prices that are lower than other stores. Examples of these stores in Germany are  Lidl, Netto, and Aldi. The groceries you get here are cheaper than in other grocery stores.  They have offers and a range of products to choose from as a customer. These stores also have advice and tips location to inform you about different products. It saves you from buying a product you may not like in the first place.

2. Join the Pfand scheme

Pfand scheme entails collecting plastic and glass bottles with a Pfand logo and taking it to the supermarket or retailer you purchased the drink. When you buy these drinks, the price you pay has a deposit included in the initial cost. However, you get euros that can be used for food shopping monthly.

3. Get Loyalty Points

These are points a customer gets from a supermarket for shopping with them. The points are recorded every time a person shops, through cards and on computers used. Accumulating these points can save you on a bad month, and you can shop for absolutely free, helping you save on food.

4. Planning

Planning is also a big part of saving. It will assist you not to overspend and buy what you need. It can be done by jotting a shopping list or knowing what you intend to cook. Purchasing food in small portions could cost more than buying more at the same time. You can save on transportation based on where you buy and buy when there are available offers. Freeze the food, soups you are not consuming now for later consumption.  It will assist you when you don’t want to cook, and you won’t have to go to a restaurant.

5. Look out for food that has a close date of expiry

Supermarkets tend to put up a discount on foods that will expire soon. It is an excellent time to shop. Perishables goods, vegetables, fruits, meat are among the products to look out for. Pick them if you intend to consume them on the same day to save some money. Some supermarkets have a shopping cartthat has a range of products that will expire soon near the cashier. Grab an opportunity and pick those products.

6. Carry your shopping bag

Bring a bag to shop using when you go shopping. You will likely save more money because you will not have to keep buying a shopping bag every time you decide to shop. If you don’t have one, buy a reusable one from the cashier and don’t forget it in the future.

7. Download shopping apps

Looking out for different apps is a great way to limit your spending. Major retail stores offer discounts and offers to appeal to customers. You can check the category containing items in each app and purchase those with the lowest prices or those on deals.

8. Make cash payment  

Making credit card payments can easily fool into spending more due to the ability to tap and go. You don’t realize the money leaving the account thence it is advisable to use cash because you are more aware of the money leaving your pockets and in control to walk away when it is finished.

9. Dont carry the kids along

Children have an impulsive tendancy to desire and nag over things in the store. Some will even demand for the items. It will make you spend more on buying things that we had not planned for. When your goal especially as a parent is to spend prudently, don’t tag the kids along.

10. Have an open mind

It means to be ready to make changes when need be. Your brand of choice might be costly; it is okay to get the affordable one. Also, you are for physical shopping, move to different stores to compare prices, and buy from ones with lower prices.

In conclusion, the goal is to save more and shop less. Go for these options to help you out.

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