Renown traditional German Dishes

In addition to exploring the hospitality and culture of a destination country, another thing worth exploring while travelling abroad is the country’s traditional food. The food served in a destination country is essential as it affects the quality of life you will enjoy while in the country. While new in a particular country, you’ll find it very interesting to try out local delicacies and experience the country’s new traditions and eating habits. If you have plans to visit Germany, then there’s a lot that you can explore. To ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is always important that you regularly train and keep fit. You can use reviews sites such as to look for reliable shops offering training and fitness equipment. You can also have a look at Perform Better to purchase training and fitness equipment. Some of the renowned traditional German dishes are discussed below.

Falscher Hase

This is the most renowned of German foods. It comprises potatoes and onions stuffed with hard-boiled eggs along with minced meat. The recipe for this food was first seen in Germany after the second world war, during a period of food shortage. Germans had a traditional dish that they took on Sundays, which included Roasted hares and rabbits. However, due to the numerous bombardments during the second world war, the hares and rabbits disappeared. Germans imitated this traditional dish through the Falscher Hase, coming up with a roll with an upper part that is similar to an animal’s back.


This is a popular German dish with diverse cooking variations, with the most common being pork schnitzel and calf schnitzel. Schnitzels are all meat chops that are thin and boneless and are from the hip part of an animal. Together with breaded Schnitzel classic German recipe, you can find the Hamburg Schnitzel, which is served with onions and fried eggs. On the other hand, Spreewald Schnitzel is breaded, then spread with horseradish and covered with slices of marinated cucumber. You can serve Schnitzel with various side specialities such as sauerkraut and potatoes. All sauerkraut variations are taken to be authentic German food.


 This is an authentic German meal that frequents Germans traditional family Sunday dinners. Particularly it is popular in the cold Christmas season. It comprises thin and long beef tenderloin layers wrapped around mustard, bacon, marinated cucumber stuffing, and onion. Rinderrouladen has a dark speciality sauce made from vegetables, red wine, and broth to put a fantastic aroma. By combining simple products, this traditional German dish gets a rich, unique flavour, becoming a perfect complement of flour dumplings, boiled potatoes and stewed cabbage side dish.


This is a valued German soup. It is a thick dish that can be best described as being between a stew and a soup. It is thick in fragrance and nourishing. The German term Eintopf translated means one-pot, which is a name that explains how the meal is cooked. It entails all ingredients being cooked in an identical pot. There are a variety of ingredients used in Eintopf. It is possible to prepare with almost any ingredient in the kitchen, including chicken, beef and fish. You can also flavour the soup with almost any ingredient you like, including greens, peas and vegetables, including cabbage, potatoes and carrots.


Not all German food has meat as an ingredient. Käsespätzle is a traditional German dish that comes from Swabia and Allgau. It can be said to be a variation of the American cheese and mac, but in place of pasta, they utilise homemade noodles. This is an easy to prepare and cheap meal. It entails using a similar dough like a dumpling, wiping the dough through the sieve, boiling it, and using cheese for baking it. The outcome will be a type of casserole having threads of melting cheese and a cheese flavour. You can serve Käsespätzle directly from the oven with fried onions on top.

Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte

You haven’t explored German food enough if you haven’t tried the sweets that the country has to offer. Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte is one of the most favourite and famous German desserts. It is made up of a sponge cake soaked in cherries, whipped cream, bitter chocolate and liqueur. Germany saw its first multilayer cake in 1915 when Josef Keller, a confectioner from Bavaria, did some decoration of chocolate cakes which were at the time popular. This classic German dessert recipe would then, by 1930, become popular throughout Germany. This German delicacy’s name is derived from the blend of red, brown and white colours, which are the traditional costumes of black forest dwellers.

In conclusion, it is with no doubt that anyone travelling abroad would be interested to know the dishes offered in the destination country. With this article, travellers going to Germany get to know the dishes to expect in the country.

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